Maffett Loftis Engineering has trained professionals to perform accurate and timely data collection and analysis of your electrical system. Whether you have a small commercial building or a very large industrial facility, we have the ability to provide cost effective service with highly accurate results. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Collection of Data

  • Review of available design drawings, prints, and information on your current electrical system
  • Facility walk through and interview of electrical workers
  • Collection of electrical data
    • Conductor / conduit sizes and lengths
    • Service and distribution equipment types and ratings
    • Overcurrent protection (breakers and fuses)
    • Transformer ratings
    • Motor ratings
    • Generators and transfer switches
  • Correspondence with the electrical utility to obtain primary characteristics and transformer ratings
  • Maffett Loftis Engineering can provide turn-key data collection or the client has the option to provide this data for the engineering analysis

Creation of Arc Flash Warning Labels

  • Using engineering analysis information to develop labels per ANSI Z535.4, NEC, NFPA 70E, and OSHA specifications
  • Label information
    • Incident energy level in cal/cm2
    • Flash protection boundary
    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • Shock hazard
    • Limited, restricted, and prohibited approach boundaries
  • Label materials to meet facility’s needs
  • Installation of labels

Engineering Analysis of Electrical System

  • Analyze information obtained during the data collection
  • Input data into engineering analysis software
  • Build electrical distribution networks know as one-lines
  • Cross review electrical data with electrical system
  • Perform Analysis of Electrical System
    • Short circuit analysis
    • Selective coordination Study
    • Arc Flash analysis

Reports and Documentation

  • Full arc flash report with the following information for each equipment including name, voltage, bolted and arc fault currents, flash boundary, working distance, incident energy, and PPE.
  • High and low voltage breaker report
  • Equipment duty report
  • One-line diagrams
  • TCC coordination report and curves
  • Labels for each electrical equipment
  • Work order permits and check lists

Training of Personnel on Arc Flash Requirements

  • Classroom training on the following subjects:
    • Arc Flash awareness
    • Arc Flash training
    • Electrical safety training
    • OSHA, NEC® (2008), and NFPA 70E (2009) Arc Flash code requirements
  • Code compliant labeling requirements
  • Arc Flash Labeling information and how to comply
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Review of Arc Flash study

Real World Arc Flash Videos

Don’t say, “It will never happen to me”. Arc Flashes occur everyday with serious injury. The following videos are graphic in nature and involve electrical workers that were injured during arc flash incidents.