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MLE's highest priority is protecting the safety and well-being of all who enter the buildings we help design, and Fire Protection systems are one of the most important life safety systems in a project. Our fire protection engineers and designers see to it that all of our projects are protected to ensure safety of all occupants. See below for a listing of fire protection services we can provide:

Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Systems Design

  • Piping and Valving

    • Feedmains​

    • Crossmains

    • Risers

    • Standpipes

    • Control Valves

    • Thermal Expansion Loops

    • Hydraulic Calculations

  • Service Entrance

    • Utility Performance Curve​

      • Based on Static & Residual Pressures​

    • Fire Hydrant

    • Meters

    • Valve Pits

    • Sprinkler Riser

    • Fire Pump Specification

      • Fire Pump Room Layout​

    • Jockey Pump Specification

  • Sprinkler System

    • Sprinkler Coverage​

    • Sprinkler Type Specification

    • Maximum Velocity of System Calculation

    • Sprinkler Fuse Temp. Ratings

    • Hazard Level Occupancy Classification

  • Alarm Devices

    • Post Indicator Valve (PIV)​

    • Flow Switches

    • Zone Control Valves

    • Water Motor Gong

Code Analysis

  • NFPAIBCIFC, etc.

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