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Electrical systems are one of the most important aspects of any building. Without electricity, many of the devices and pieces of equipment we rely on would not work. Here at MLE, we use our expertise to help our clients bring power to the building safely and efficiently. Our extensive and diverse experience in the design of electrical systems ensures that our client gets the best system possible. See below for a listing of electrical services we can provide:

Electrical Services

Electrical Systems Design

  • Power​ Systems Design & Distribution

    • Medium Voltage Design​

    • Emergency & Standby Power Generation

    • Lightning Protection

    • Grounding Design

    • Overcurrent and Ground-Fault Protection

    • PV/Solar System Design

  • Lighting Systems Design

    • Fixture Specification​

    • Photometric Calculation

    • Theatrical Lighting

    • Emergency Lighting

    • Lighting Control Systems

      • Switching​

      • Lighting Control Panels

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    • Fire Alarm Control Panels​

    • Initiation Devices

    • Notification

    • Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

    • Trade Coordination

  • Low-Voltage Systems

    • Data & IT Systems​

    • Nurse Call Systems

    • Audio / Video Systems

    • Security Systems

Power System Studies

  • Arc Flash​

    • Arc Flash Warning Labels​

    • Arc Flash Analysis Report

  • Short-Circuit

  • Coordination

  • Electrical Inspection

    • Home​

    • Pool

Code Analysis

  • NFPA, IBC, etc.

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