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Mechanical systems can make life great or miserable. The mechanical engineers and designers at MLE specialize in designing high-quality, energy efficient systems to help our clients provide comfort and save money at the same time. See below for a listing of mechanical services we can provide:

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Systems Design

  • Heating and Cooling Systems

    • Building Zoning​

    • Air Flow Requirements

    • Condensation Drainage

    • Sound Dampening

  • Refrigeration System

    • Refrigerant Lines​

    • Compressors

    • Condensers

  • Ventilation Systems

    • Economizers​

    • Outside Air Intake Units

    • Exhaust Fans

      • Restroom​

      • Kitchen

    • Air Filtration

    • Radon Abatement

  • Ductwork

    • Supply / Return Ducts​

    • Insulation

    • Air Flow Dampers

    • Diffusers / Grilles / Louvers

Mechanical System Controls

  • Thermostat​

  • DDC Controls

  • Duct Detectors (Fire Alarm)

Code Analysis

  • NFPA, ASHRAE, etc.

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