Maffett Loftis Engineering provides opportunity to help protect our clients’ facilities from potential fire damage and injury during unforeseen incidents through industry standard sprinkler systems.

Piping and Valving

  • Feedmains
  • Crossmains
  • Risers
  • Standpipes
  • Control valves
  • Inspector testing valving
  • Hose cabinets
  • Thermal expansion loops
  • Fire stopping at penetrations
  • Hydraulic calculations

Service Entrance

  • Utility performance curve based on Static and residual pressures
  • Fire hydrant
  • Meters
  • Valve pits
  • Main sprinkler riser
  • Fire pump room layout
  • Fire pump equipment specifications


  • Sprinkler coverage by area
  • Maximum coverage of sprinkler type
  • Maximum velocity of system calculation
  • Sprinkler fuse temperature ratings
  • Hazard level occupancy classification
  • Most hydraulically remote area calculation

Alarm Devices

  • P.I.V. - Post Indicator Valve
  • Flow switches
  • Zone control valves
  • Water motor gong


  • Electric - Sprinkler locations with Lighting
  • Mechanical - HVAC louvers, grilles, exhaust fans, etc.
  • Fire Alarm - Flow switches to main fire alarm panel

Code Compliance

  • N.F.P.A. - National Fire Protection Association